the difference between an inner rotor and outer rotor
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With the development of wind power technology, independent small and medium-sized wind power generation system equipment is more and more widely used, as a core component of the generator, it is very important for the selection, there are two types of the generator, one is iron core permanent magnet generator, the other is a coreless generator,We mainly adopt the ironless design, which not only has no mechanical loss,but also can greatly reduce the weight of the generator, thereby reducing the total weight of the fan system, reducing transportation and maintenance costs.

Ironless generators are divided into inner rotors and outer rotors according to the different rotating bodies. The inner rotor refers to the rotating body supported by the inner bearing, and the outer rotor refers to the rotating body supported by the outer bearing, both of which are rigidly connected or have an additional shafts. As shown in the figure below:

Although the outer rotor and the inner rotor seem to be the same, they actually function differently, so let’s take a look at the specific differences?

1. The difference between the inner rotor and the outer rotor is the position in which it rotates, one on the inside and the other on the outside.

2. The outer rotor generator is easy to maintain and has better heat dissipation effect.The maintenance of the inner rotor motor is relatively difficult, and the maintenance difficulty is relatively high.

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