The Advantages of Vertical Axis Wind Turbines
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Vertical axis wind turbines (VAWT) rotate around a vertical axis and can accept any wind direction, unlike the conventional wind turbines whose blades rotate around a horizontal axis (HAWT) and  need to be parallel to the wind.

So why to choose VAWT ?

a) Low speed, high efficiency:

The motor has no mechanical drive loss. Due to the use of permanent magnet excitation, the motor has no copper damage. And no iron core makes the motor without eddy current loss. Depending on the model, the maximum efficiency of the vertical shaft coreless wind turbine can reach 90%.

b) Low starting torque:

The vertical axis coreless wind turbine has no torsional torque and torque fluctuation, so the starting torque is very low. For direct drive small wind motor, its starting wind speed is below 1.5m/s.

c ) Ultra-high reliability:

Low noise, low vibration, no mechanical conveyor belt, no gear box, no wheel slide parts, and long service life.


d) Low maintenance cost:

Vertical shaft coreless wind turbine is directly driven, no gear box, no wheel-slip system, low temperature rise. Using air cooling technology reduces maintenance costs and greatly increases the autonomy of power generation facilities.

e) Small size and light weight:

Vertical axis wind turbines are light in weight, simple and compact in structure, which also makes the volume of the whole wind turbine becomes smaller and the price becomes low.

f) Environmental friendliness:

Products are produced with 100% green technology and raw materials. And the motor is completely environmentally friendly during service and in the future.


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