Application and Characteristics of Permanent Magnet Direct-drive Motor
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Zhuji Hiest Motor Technology Co.Ltd has independently developed and produced three generations of products: the first generation of products - self-starting permanent magnet motor, the second generation of products - variable frequency permanent magnet motor and drive control integrated permanent magnet motor, the third generation of products - permanent magnet direct drive motor, permanent magnet direct drive drum.

The application of Permanent Magnet Direct-drive Motor is more and more widely, especially in the high-precision, high-speed requirements of the application, such as medical, aerospace, defense and industrial fields. Among them, the food industry mixer, due to the special needs for low speed and high torque conditions, makes the advantages of direct drive motor are well reflected. The traditional drive mode is that the asynchronous motor + reducer transmission drive mode increases the output torque through the reducer to meet the load demand, but it is precisely because of the existence of the reducer, which will lead to transmission efficiency loss, oil leakage, maintenance and other failure points. The Permanent Magnet Direct-drive Motor system, due to the direct connection of the load, removing the reducer, pulley and other components, greatly saving the installation space and decrease about 75% maintenance workload and maintenance material investment subsequently, while the vibration is less, the current is small, the average energy consumption is reduced by 15%-35%.


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